The Furzona Crew

At Furzona, our philosophy is simple;

We are a club built to bring people together.

Built by DJ’s with a passion for EDM Music and Raves, we love to put on a show. With that in mind, Furzona’s goal is to build the most authentic feeling club experience in Second Life. Fueled by our passion, we are driven to inspire a community to pursue their passions as we pursue our own.

Our focus lies on our staff and our patrons, we want to make sure all of our patrons and staff have a positive and constructive environment to call home. With that in mind, we are always happy to see new applicants, and we are always willing to help train and teach our staff new skills and tricks.

Please Note: All positions are volunteer

Thank you for your interest.

At this time, Furzona has put a hold on applications. Please check back in the future for any changes.

Thank you for your time.

“I just wanted to give back to the community, by building a place where everyone would feel welcome. Where people could become inspired to pursue their passion, as I pursued my own. I don’t want renown or money, I just want to make people smile.”

— Game Wylder, Owner