Section 1. Conduct

1a. Do not harass, grief or behave inappropriately to club members or staff.

1b. Discrimination, Hate Speech, and Threats will not be tolerated

1c. Some Topics of Discussion may be asked to be avoided in order to keep things civil.

    1. Most topics are ok, however please change subjects if asked by staff.

Section 2. Spam & Solicitation

2a. Keep gestures & sounds to a minimum.

      1. Any articles of clothing or attachments that have looping sounds may be asked to be removed.

2b. No music emitting devices, even when a DJ is not present.

2c. Please keep Hot Mics to a minimum.

      1. A Hot Mic means your microphone was left on while not in use.

2c. Unless you have permission from management, do not advertise any;

      1. Products.

      2. Other Clubs/Venues

      3. Events/Groups

2d. Spamming Patrons

    1. Asking for money in public or private chat is not allowed.

    2. Creating an unsolicited group chat is not allowed.

Section 3. Drama

3a. Drama is not permitted in this club or on this sim.

3b. If anyone attempts to cause drama, please contact security.

Section 4. Ageplay / Child Avatars

4a. All Patrons must be 18 Years of Age or Older.

      1. If you are suspected to be under age, you will be contacted by security.
      2. Rest assured, Furzona will NOT Ban on sight.

4b. Child avatars are not permitted on the sim or in the club.

      1. What counts as child appearance?
        1. Human kids (or human like)
        2. Small avatars wearing children’s clothing, using toys or wearing diapers.
      2. What is okay:
        1. Shorter avatars that do not act or dress in a child manner.

4c.Child Paraphernalia may not be publicly worn.

    1. Diapers, Binkies, and other toddler related items are not to be publicly worn.
      1. Please keep these items hidden or detached.

Section 5. Sex & Nudity

5a. Being naked is allowed.

5b. Sexual activity or role play in public is not allowed.

5c. Sexual Paraphernalia is allowed to be worn, but not actively used in a sexual fashion.

    1. Sexual Paraphernalia Counts as; Bondage Gear, RLV items, Gags, etc.
    2. Collars and leashes may be used.

Section 6. Weapons

6a. Wearing weapons is allowed.

6b. Even if your weapon is fired accidentally you will get a warning and will be asked to take the weapons off.

Section 7. Avatar Performance

7a. If your avatar is causing lag or performance issues, we may ask that you remove extra objects or potentially change avatars.

7b. If your avatar is taller than the stairs, you may be asked to go to a smaller av or reduce your height.

7c. Please remove any light emitting objects from your avatar. If you are found wearing a strong light, you may be asked to remove it.

Section 8. Disciplinary actions

8a. Violations will cause a warning from staff members.

8b. If violations are continued, security may eject or ban depending on severity.

8c. Please contact management for information on Ban Appeals.

*Note: Bans apply to both the SL Estate and Discord.*

Section 9. Special circumstances

9a. These rules can and will change during special events or if circumstances requires it.

    1. Please respect our security staff, we just want to keep the peace.

Additional Information

If you have questions, comments, concerns please contact our Security Team and or Upper Management (GM&Owner).

Furzona also Abide’s by the following ToS from the following Services:

  1. Second Life’s Terms of Service, found here: Second Life TOS [1]

  2. Discord’s Terms of Service, found here: Discord TOS [2]

[1]: https://secondlife.com/app/tos/tos.php
[2]: https://discord.com/terms